Okey for now by Joshua

Okey for now is the story of Doug swieteck who moves to a town in New York called Marysville based in the 1960s.                                                                              He has a abusive father, brother and their family have barely any money.             He goes to a school where he has enemies with the p.e teacher, principal and couple dozen of kids.                                                                                                              At the start of the story Mr Powell never gave up with getting Doug’s learning on track and made an early friend. You will be able to relate to this story if you have moved schools recently or get annoyed with your siblings quite often. The main characters are Doug and his family, the neighbouring families, friends, Mr Powell and much more,    But my favourite character is Lucas who is dealing with the after mass of the Vietnam war and never gives up at all.   I liked the book because of the sad and exciting things that happened during the book, there were some funny bits thrown in to. The worst things that happened in my opinion was when they had to move to marysville.                                                                                            I would recommend this for 11 year old and up, and if you like action, romance and comedy this book is for you.   In my impingion this would be an easy ten out of ten stars.                                                                                                                                 BY JOSHUA KANE