VROOM! The car dimly sounds, it’s a twenty minute drive to my first rugby game of tackle rugby AND I’M ONLY A YEAR TWO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!                                                                                     At the field grounds we started doing warm ups I new barely anyone on my team and yet I haven’t even started talking to myself. Oh no here it comes this is just a game Joshua a game it’s Not like you’re going to kill yourself. Dammit I’m starting of Dammit I have no experience in tackle rugby. I wish I stuck with ripper because I’m peeing my pants as the warm liquid runs down I try to cover it up I need a speer peer of pants. At the end of the game I felt embarrassed helpless I felt as disappointed as an older brother when your younger brother eats moldy cheese I have experienced that.                                                                                                                     
But things have changed a lot since then, as you will find out later. Hearing that story might make you think that I hate rugby but be prepared to be mind blown… in fact I still play rugby. Why? Because you don’t have to wear tight socks like in soccer there is so much glory and you are also allowed to smash people and in soccer you only use your feet FEET!
In the future I can always Imagine myself playing for the highlanders and I think I have a good chance because I have just played for country for the town VS country game and some pro rugby players have not even made the reps funny right. I just imagine running onto the field and jeff wilson saying Joshua kane on his dabu today. Let’s hope that dream comes true let’s just hope for now.Rugby is all about tackling fast reactions and lots more but I play rugby because it is a sport that everyone can play and including people of any size.    
I think you might be wondering what is a rugby game really like well lucky for you I will tell you. We run onto the field we also weight for the reff to blow his whistle… Then the whistle sounded we kicked of and the other team caught it and ran it straight we tackled low then the opponent had no chance. After five two ten minutes past kick of the score was… 17-28 I managed to run straight through the defence and score under the post half time came quick and the score was 17-39. We all had a drink of water and some oranges then ran back out again of we went.At about the thirty minute mark I ran straight thru the defence and scored another try.The scrums and lineouts aren’t really competitive but the pick and goes are. At the end of the game the final score was 17-87 to union my team.           
Rugby is an awesome sport WHY? Do you ask well all the speed , strength, teamwork , hard eye coordination makes rugby as cool as it is now. So if you are looking for a sport come and give rugby a go.  

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